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Massage Session

60-minute Massage – $75

Request a specific massage or allow us to customize this 60 Minute Therapeutic Massage to fit your needs, including injury rehabilitation, sports therapy, or relaxation & rejuvenation.

Half-hour Focused Massage – $40

This Customized 30 Minute Massage is great for focused treatment on a few problem areas.

Therapeutic 90 Minute Massage – $103

The extended time in this massage allows for deeper and more intense bodywork needed to help heal some kinds of injury (like the build up of scar tissue).

Massage Series (formerly known as packages)

3 Custom 60 Minute Massages – $198

Enjoy 3 Custom 60 Minute Massages tailored to you! Whether it is a problem area or general stress relief, this specially discounted series will help you get the bodywork you need.

3 Half-hour Focused Massages – $99

The 3 Half-hour Focused Massages in this discounted series are especially suited for focusing on problem areas, or gentle overall relaxation, but is not enough time for a full body treatment.

Gym Member Special – 3 Therapeutic 90 Minute Massages – $279

This Gym Member- 3 Therapeutic 90 Minute Massage Series is especially designed for the intense bodywork needs of our physically active clients. Just show us your Gym Membership card to receive this special.